Paper Engenheiros x Advogados

Em resumo. Uma sociedade com mais engenheiros organiza melhor a produção, cresce mais e é mais rica do que uma de advogados. Veja o Brasil, tem mais faculdade de direito ou engenharia?

“The Allocation of Talent: Implications for Growth,” Murphy, Kevin M & Shleifer, Andrei & Vishny, Robert W, 1991. The Quarterly Journal of Economics, MIT Press, vol. 106(2), pages 503-30, May.

“A country’s most talented people typically organize production by others, so they can spread their ability advantage over a larger scale. When the start firms, they innovate and foster growth, but when they become rent seekers, they only redistribute wealth and reduce growth. Occupational choice depends on returns to ability and to scale in each sector, on market size, and on compensation contracts. In most countries, rent seeking rewards talent more than entrepreneurship does, leading to stagnation. Our evidence shows that countries with a higher proportion of engineering college majors grows faster; whereas countries with a higher proportion of law concentrators grows more slowly. Copyright 1991, the President and Fellows of Harvard College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.”

One thought on “Paper Engenheiros x Advogados

  1. fran

    ou seja, falta engenheiro pacas no brasil. bons engenheiros, of course.
    mas esta tese se esqueceu de analisar que os EUA precisam muito de advogados. Afinal, o povo é chegado num processo. Tem até pais processando filhos e vice-versa.

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